Comfortable Camping

The school holidays are coming! Many families are going camping, which is great fun, but many of you tell us that you dread being comfortable. Our tips may seem obvious, but sometimes a little prior planning can make a trip much more enjoyable...

Be kind to your back - Invest in a good quality mat or mattress if you're sleeping in a tent. Protect your back from hard and potentially damp surfaces. Many outdoor shops allow you to try things out in the shop if you ask! Seems like a hassle, but your back will thank you and your trip will be more enjoyable. 

Take your favourite pillow! - great that you want to rough it, but if you're driving, chances are you can find space for a pillow. This should be top of the list if you struggle with neck and shoulder aches. 

Size matters - if you are buying a new tent, it is usually better to buy something a little bit bigger than you think you need. It is a good idea to have a bit of extra room to sit up or even stand up and some space to store things so that you won't be all cramped up. 

Setting up your tent - prep the area first. Remove any big stones or sticks from the area of grass that could potentially dig into you when you're trying to sleep. Try to avoid sleeping on a slope. 

Packing and unloading - take care when you're lifting things in and out of cars and packing bags. Lift bigger items with someone. Pack several smaller bags to distribute heavy and bulky items. 

Keep warm - we’ve had some lovely weather lately, but it can still get cooler at night. Take some extra blankets to stay cosy. If you are cold and shivering, it can be miserable and cause your hold body to tense up. 

Stretch - first thing in the morning, stand up and gently stretch. You don't have to perform a whole yoga sequence but stand up and give yourself a few minutes to listen to your body. Reach your arms up to the sky, bend steadily from side to side, then take a steady walk to the toilets while you let everything wake up. 

Drink plenty - sometimes people drink less camping to avoid trekking to and from the toilets. Muscles like to be hydrated. Put simply, hydrated muscles move better and will tolerate your daily activities better. 

Our tips here offer some general advice. If you are worried about comfort on a trip, speak to your chiropractor during your next visit so that they can guide you further.