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Anatomy of the Elbow

Elbow Sprain

Elbow sprain is a soft tissue injury to the ligaments around the elbow. Ligaments connect bone to bone and prevent excessive movement around a joint. If a joint is excessively moved in one direction, the ligaments can overstretch. This overstretch of ligaments is called a “sprain”.

Anatomy of Achilles tendon

What is Achilles tendinitis?

Tendons are found throughout the body and anchor muscles to bone. Your Achilles tendon connects the muscles at the back of your calf, gastroc and soleus, to the bottom of the heel bone.

Plantar foot pain

What is plantar Fasciitis?

Pain around the bottom of the foot, which can spread over the arch and heel. This is due to strain and inflammation of the 'plantar fascia' which is the name given to a band of tissue that connects the heel to the toes.

driving with back pain

Driving with pain

Every time you get in your car, adjust the seat for YOU. Many families will share a car. You need to make sure it’s adjusted for your individual driving position.

Trigger point therapy.

What are trigger points? Trigger point therapy.

Trigger points are described as irritable spots or nodules within taut/tight muscles. They are perhaps more commonly referred to as “muscle knots”. Trigger points can feel very tender, and they can also be responsible for referred pain that is felt elsewhere. Referred pain is felt in a different area from that site that is believed to be causing the pain.

Do i need a new bed

Do i need a new bed? Things to consider

In a year, if you average 8 hours a night of sleep, that equals 2920 hours in bed every year! With this is mind and considering the cost that goes with a new mattress, it is a big and often daunting purchase for many! There are lots of things to consider, and our chiropractors cannot tell you how many times there are asked by patients ‘what mattress should I be buying’.